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Before I became a bartender/ticket guy/promoter/writer/editor/publisher, I was in sales for 18 years. I will tell you very honestly that I hated every minute of it. I enjoyed quite a few of the people with whom I worked, but the sales gig just isn’t a lot of fun for me.

So that makes this post a tiny bit problematic.

You see, I’m venturing into the world of entrepreneurship by starting an electronic arts, entertainment and lifestyle magazine called The Next Ten Words. In order to do that, of course, I need good ol’ fashioned capital, of which I have none.

But what do I have?

This is going to be the go-to website for all the cool stuff happening everywhere, starting in Minnesota and working our way out from there. I have contacts all across the state of Minnesota, from Albert Lea to International Falls and all points in between. That’s where we will concentrate our coverage efforts at first. I’ve covered Southern Minnesota for four years and I grew up in the Twin Cities, so those beats are no problem. And I’m incredibly excited to expand into Northern Minnesota where there’s just a ton of stuff happening. I also intend to expand our scope as quickly as possible. Today we’re covering Rochester, Minnesota. Next week, we’d like to cover Rochester, New York. And it would really be awesome if we could be covering things in California, Florida and even Mexico come winter.

I say “we” because I also have writer friends. People who like to write about music, sports, movies, television, theater, art, politics, rabbits, and life itself. The Next Ten Words won’t just be my personal blog. I already have that. This will be a fabulous collection of the best writers you’ve probably never heard of.

None of us expect to see a dime out of this endeavor for at least 18 months, if not longer. But I do believe that artists should be paid for the work they do, and we, as writers, are artists. The writers will get paid eventually. I will own the website, but I’ll be the last person to make money from it.

Finally, I’ll admit it, I have ambition. I got a taste of what it’s like to run a magazine for four years in my previous life, and I loved it. That door has closed, so I’m making myself a new one. That’s where you come in.

We need funding to start this thing up. Websites cost money. We have to pay for hosting. We need software like Photoshop and Quickbooks. We need to invest in equipment. This website will include lots of media, especially video and podcasts (as soon as I learn how to do that), all of which costs money. We have to get to the places we’re covering, which requires gas. I just did the rear brakes on my POS car, but now the front ones are making noise. Plus, the stereo’s busted. I’d really like to get that fixed.

Asking for money is gross. It’s uncomfortable, awkward, demeaning, embarrassing, and anxiety-producing. It is decidedly un-Minnesotan. If you are insulted by this post, I completely understand, and I hope we can still be friends.

But we need money to make this thing a reality so I’m turning to you, dear readers, for some help. I’ve set up accounts with Paypal (CLICK HERE) and Patreon (CLICK HERE). If you like what you’ve read on this blog so far, then please consider making a donation. Think what you could see if we had the resources to set our plans in motion.

If you liked one post, maybe donate $1. If you like three posts, maybe donate $3. If you like the idea, donate $20. If you love the idea, feel free to donate $1000. You can be part of the foundation. You can make a reality.

A Kickstarter campaign is in the works, and you can look for that soon. But in the meantime, we have to pay phone, electrical, internet and water bills. So, here I stand, hat in hand, hoping you’ll help a brother out.

And then we’ll never have to talk about this again.

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